Frequently Asked Questions



Why my extension doesn't work and ask for license key?

You can buy extension from extension Warehouse or from this SketchUp developer site. License key (license number) is required for purchases from this site.

If you bought extension from:
  1. here ( 👉 search your email box
  2. Extension Warehouse 👉 SketchUp extension license issue

I bought extension from Extension Warehouse and it does not work

The purchased extension from Extension Warehouse should work as it is but sometimes it does not work. What you can do is:

  1. Start SketchUp
  2. Log out from Extension Warehouse
  3. Switch off and on Sketchup
  4. Log in again to Extension Warehouse
  5. Go to Extension Warehouse -> Account -> My downloads (check if it's on the list)
  6. Try to use the extension and when you get the info: "Extension is not licensed…" (only then Update button will be shown)
  7. Go to Extension Manager - find it on the list and find the "Update license" button
  8. Try to use it again - license should be updated

Sometimes you need to repeat this. Sometimes you need to restart the computer.

Check this to learn difference between DBS and Extension Warehouse licensing systems


What to do when extension does not work?

When extension you installed does not work as expected you can:

  1. Check licensing
  2. Verify Compatibility
  3. Check Extension Installation
  4. Update SketchUp and Extensions
  5. Find Extensions Conflicts
  6. Check Settings
  7. Use the Ruby Console for Bug Tracking
  8. Contact Extension Developer

For more details check 👉 extension error.

SketchUp Tips

How to change the number of segments in a circle in sketchup?

You can edit circle segments if the circle or the arc is:

  1. Not exploded
  2. Not part of the outside faces - eg. extruded pipe

To do that follow few steps:

  1. Select circle
  2. Open Entity Info tray
  3. Change Segments parameter value

Read this to learn more about sketchup circle segments

SketchUp message: Radius is too small

When you try to draw a small circle in SketchUp you can face the message: Radius is too small. In that case SketchUp don't let you draw it.

To workaround it follow few steps:

  1. Draw bigger circle eg. x10 bigger radius
  2. Use Scale tool to get proper small radius eg. with scale: 0,1

SketchUp message: Number of segments is too large for given angle and radius

When you try to draw a circle in SketchUp in some cases you can get that message. If it's not critical for your design to have many circle segments good way to fix that is simply find possible smallest number of segments for circle that SketchUp allow to draw for that radius.

But if somehow you need that amount of circle segments follow:

  1. Set needed circle segments
  2. Draw bigger circle eg. x10 bigger radius
  3. Use Scale tool to get proper small radius eg. with scale: 0,1