How to round edges in SketchUp?

sketchup round edges
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Would you like to round corners of your SketchUp model?

Rounded corners can make your designs look more polished and visually appealing.
At the beginning we will answer on the question:
What type of edges can I round in SketchUp?

In this guide, we'll walk you through two methods of creating arcs between edges. Using SketchUp's native tool and with a dedicated SketchUp extension.
You will learn how to round many edges at once.

You can learn here how to:

  1. Round a solid object edges vs face edges
  2. What can I use to round corner?
  3. Round Corner with SketchUps Native Tool
  4. Round Edges with a SketchUp Extension
  5. Native tool vs Extension

What can I round in SketchUp?

At the beginning let's think about what objects can be rounded in SketchUp.
We can split this into two categories:

  1. Solid objects (Groups or Components)
  2. Edges

To make it simpler let say that rounding of solid objects is a 3D operation. Where round edges of a face is a 2D operation, although faces in SketchUp are placed in the 3d space.

sketchup round solid vs edges

You can also round bunch of edges placed in the 3d space.

3d edges in sketchup

What can I use to round corners?

Depending on what is your goal you can use:

  1. SketchUp native tools
  2. Plugins for round Solid objects
  3. Extensions dedicated for round edges corners

SketchUp is simple but the magic is hidden in the knowledge of the native tools usage.
You can create a lot using only build in features. Rounding of corners can also be done in that way.

To make solid operations, specific extensions can be used. Most popular tools for that are: Fredo RoundCorner, FredoCorner and Bevel from mind.sight.studios.

When it comes to work with bunch of edges in space or as a part of faces you should definitely check sketchup round edges extension.

It is specially useful when you:

  1. work with 2d faces
  2. need to add specific arc between bunch of connected edges
  3. creating a solid object and would like to have full control of the process

Round corner with SketchUp native tools

Read this to learn how to use nothing more that included sketchup native tools to round edges.

Select the tool (Main menu > Draw > Arcs > 2 Point arc).

SketchUp arc tool menu

Press mouse button on the corners edge.
Don't look for the correct spot to get the needed radius. This method lets you to set the radius value later so you do not need to put the arc start point in the exact place.

SketchUp arc tool

Move the mouse on the second corners edge...

SketchUp 2 point arc tool

...and move along that edge to the place that your arc with change the color to the Magenta. This means that your arc is tangent to the edges.

SketchUp tangent arc

Press twice a mouse left button to create the arc.

SketchUp rounded corner

If you need to delete old corner, use the erase tool.

erase in sketchup

The arc between edges is ready. Now we can set the proper radius.

Select the arc and open Entity Info tray.
You can set there the radius and the amount of arc segments.
Check this to learn more about circle in SketchUp.

arc entity info in sketchup

Lesson learned

It's easy to do and doesn't need extra tools to round edges in SketchUp.

But it's time consuming.

It took 8 mouse clicks and keyboard strokes to make 1 corner rounded.
If you need round four corners of the rectangle it needs a 32 clicks!

Round Edges with a SketchUp Extension

The quick way

There is an easy to use SketchUp round extension.

Round edges corners 2 is a compact SketchUp plugin which allows you to make it quick. Big feature of it is the live preview of rounding radius applied to the selected edges corners.

How to use it Step By Step

Watch the video to observe a detailed, step by step process. Check how to use SketchUp round corners tool in practice.

To round many edges corners at once , follow these steps:

  1. Select all edges corners
  2. Run the plugin
  3. Set rounding radius with slider or with precise value
  4. Use Draw button to create final shapes

Conclusion: Native tool vs Extension

Rounding corners and edges in SketchUp is a good practice that can enhance the look and feel of your work. In this guide, we've explored two distinct methods to achieve this. You can use SketchUp's native tools or a dedicated SketchUp extension.

When it comes to native tools, simplicity is the key. SketchUp may appear to offer only basic functionality. But it's essential to recognize that the real power lies in your knowledge of how to use these tools. Rounding edges with native tools can be time-consuming. Even tho the results are well worth the effort.

For more efficient solution, SketchUp extension is the right way. Take a look into SketchUp round corners plugin. This plugin streamline the whole process. It also offer live preview, allowing you to fine-tune your designs in real-time.