Can I get Sketchup for free?

sketchup for free
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You can use Sketchup for free, but... only if you use in one of the ways described below.

It's a powerful but easy to learn and use 3d design software. If the part of your business is using it and it earn the money.
Great! Go for it and purchase the subscription.

But if:

  1. your design work is a hobby
  2. you just starting your journey in 3d world
  3. you are DIY hero
  4. ...or some kind of other important reason

You can use Sketchup free of charge!

Check 3 different ways to use Sketchup for free:

  1. Use Sketchup Free web application
  2. Download Sketchup Make version
  3. Go for 30 days trial

Sketchup Free - web application

It's an online web application which is totally free! What you need to do to run it is:

  1. Open web browser
  2. Go to 👉 Sketchup Free app
  3. Create a Trimble ID account or use Google/Apple/Microsoft profile to sign in
  4. Use free Sketchup!


There is no extensions (check here 👉 what is Sketchup extension). It means there is no full potential of the designing.

Sketchup 2017 Make

Back to 2017 year and use good old version. At that time Sketchup had 2 parallel versions: PRO and Make. Sketchup 2017 Make is free for non commercial use. Find it online.


  1. No features updates from then
  2. Extension Manager does not work from inside of the software
  3. means you can use extensions but has to be installed manually (see 👉 how to install extension manually )
  4. Plugins can run there... but not all of them.

Sketchup 30 days trial

To get full potential of the Sketchup you can always start free 30 days trial. You will use full version of Sketchup for free!


When you try it there will be no turning back 😉


You can work in Sketchup without the cost and you can do it on few different ways. It's not ideal but for simple task or for the limited time it's fully reachable.