How to install SketchUp extension?

As you know SketchUp software letting you to use variety of additional functionalities by using dedicated extensions (or plugins). More about what are SketchUp extensions

You can get an extension directly from Extension Warehouse or from other SketchUp developer site.

Depending on plugin source installing, updating and uninstalling process looks a little different.

If you have extension from:

  1. Extension Warehouse
  2. other source eg. SketchUp developer

Working with Extension Warehouse


  1. Start SketchUp
  2. Open Extension Warehouse
  3. Log in (if you are not)
  4. Find Extension you would like to use
  5. Use Try or Purchase button
  6. Done!
sketchup extension
search in EW
Update or Uninstall
  1. Open Extension Manager
  2. Choose Manage tab
  3. Update or Uninstall
  4. Done!
open extension manager
extension manager

Extension straight from SketchUp developer


  1. Start SketchUp
  2. Open Extension Manager
  3. Use Install button to show extension ".rbz" file
  4. Done!
install external extension


Uninstalling extension is same as described above in Extension Manager.


It's a good practice to follow below steps during updating:

  1. Uninstall old version
  2. Restart SketchUp
  3. Install new version
  4. Restart SketchUp
  5. Done!